Norman Anthony's
Art of Transformation TM

E   X   P   R   E   S   S   I   O   N   S
in energetic copper art




Distinctive copper creations finished in lustrous brushed-satin patinas with nebulous heat-applied color accents.

Individually hand-crafted and signed.


While searching for artistic inspiration, I studied the dynamics of Feng Shui and the philosophy of Taoism. I also attained the degree of Reiki Master Teacher, an ancient art of channeling Universal energy. Aligned to the betterment of Self, these disciplines enhanced my life tremendously, and I became motivated to share my quest for personal advancement visually through an introspective artistic style I call...
- Expressions in Energetic Art -
When a piece is completed, I perform a special Feng Shui ceremony that instills an activation for the owner to receive the energy of abundant good fortune!

I pledge my work to be of the highest-quality craftsmanship, utilizing the finest, premium-grade materials.

MISSION STATEMENT                            

With reverence and eternal gratitude to the exalted Universe for its generous blessings and guidance, to create unique, inspiring art that provides visual delight, attracts positive energy and lifts the spirit.



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